#Hello Admin!

Citizens of the World

We Are Anonymous Daedalus Collective.

    For far too long, the citizens of our planet have tolerated oppressive regimes, corrupt governments, 

wars, pollution and famine for one purpose, that the greedy 1% of the world's popluation desire to fill their bank accounts; 

regardless of the cost to humanity. These greedy few acccomplish this, by stripping the planet of it's resources.

We are unable to accept this any longer.In the coming weeks and months we are going to address these issues directly at the core of the problem.

During Phase 1, Anonymous Daedalus Collective will seek to end the Oil Producing Economic Countries stranglehold on our world. 

We will be targeting your oil producing companies, your refineries and your banks.

We are Many. We are your network administrators, your customer service workers, the delivery boy down the street.

You will find that your connection to the internet and the rest of the world no longer works. 

That your servers no longer function. You will have your personal data and all the evil it contains displayed publicly for all to see.

You can not stop us, for we only Exist as an idea.

Welcome to Operation OPEC.

We Are Anonymous,
We Are Legion,

Expect us.

Join Us!


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